Smart City Consultancy

Every city has its own unique challenges, opportunities and plans for future. We carefully implement our methodology to uncover them for the political and technical leaders.  

We have hands on experience in SmartCity consultancy providing As-Is Analysis, Strategy Development and Architecture Design to create a master plan and quick win projects for transforming cities. Master plan identifies the actions to be taken in technical, human resources and finance enablers. 

Vertical IoT Enablement

 We believe that IoT has a lot to offer in 4th industrial revolution. We see IoT as the first steps of a long journey, not a single project that shall be delivered once and forgotten. We are consulting companies to start this journey by solving existing problems via IoT and to gain competitive advantage. The next part of this journey will be about creating new services/products where we will be setting the scene ready for you. We build vertical IoT applications and partner with others to provide the missing pieces.

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