OneM2M Standards


IoT platform is compliant with OneM2M standards. This removes any vendor lock-in and allows you select devices and applications from all compliant vendors worldwide. 


Application Development

We expose secure RestFul APIs that allow application developers perform discovery, registration, data management via secure synchronous and asynchronous communications.


Device Management

We support market accepted device management protocol for IOT, Lightweight M2M (LWM2M), to enable provisioning, authentication, configuration, diagnostics and software updates of remote devices.




Platform has built-in MQTT, CoAP and HTTP adapters and a modular architecture to add interworking between OneM2M protocol and the sensors you may choose. (such as Z-wave, ZigBee or a proprietary one)


Admin & User Portals

Administration and user portals allowing you to manage users and companies, check reports, see current sensor/device status at site / define scenarios and actions to be taken when preset conditions are met.

Real-Time Data Processing

IoT Platform is delivered with a built in rule engine and enables processing at the edge by allowing users and administrators build and execute if-this-then-that scenarios at gateway devices. 


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